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Model: Custom
***Water Production Rate: Gallons Per Day We can build to your specifications up to 300 tons
Water Storage Capacity: U.S. Gallons  
Air Filter: Electrostatic Anti-bacterial
Water Filtration System: Patented EnviroGuard Ozone Purification System
Nominal Cooling Capacity: Tons We can build to your specifications up to 300 tons
Dimensions W x D x H: Inches  
Net Weight: Lbs  
Power Supply: V-Ph-Hz  
Compressor: BTUs  
Condenser Coil: Copper Tube / Aluminum Fins
Condenser Fan: HP  
Condenser Fan: CFM  
Evaporator Coil: FDA Approved Food Grade Proprietary Coating
Evaporator Fan: HP  
Evaporator Fan: CFM  
Manufacturer reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice due to ongoing R&D
***Water production is calculated using ANSI/AHAM (American National Standards Institute/ Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) dehumidification industry standard of 80F & 60%RH.

Contact: Yeti@EverestWater.com for further information.

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