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  • I have just had my first drink of water made by the Yeti machine.. I took a small sip... WOW what a terrific taste. To me it was like drinking from a cold, clear mountain stream which I remember vividly doing as a child in Waterton Lakes National Park. I will be giving this water to my 86 year old mother, who is presently bordering on kidney failure, because it is so clean and fresh.. I'll get back to you on her progress.

    Carole-Lyn Martens - www.headsets4U.com

  • I truly would like to thank you for allowing me to try a sampling of the water from your Everest AWG machine!

    Water For The World Falls I just had to write to you to say that after trying the water a few days ago, I can not seem to get it out of my mind. I have told many friends and acquaintances about the incredible tasting session that I had at your office. What remains in my memory is how smooth and enriched the water tasted. Yes, water is supposed to be tasteless, odorless and colorless. However, I know from the first few sips I took that the Everest water machine was producing a superior and very refreshing glass of water, which reminded me of drinking water direct from a glacier. I felt there was more oxygen in the water and my body craved to drink more, since it was a long time that I had water that was so refreshing to drink! What astounds me is that the water is being produced from the humidity in the air which surrounds us... imagine what can be done for the rest of the world which is suffering needlessly from the lack of PURE drinking water!

    Keep on with your focus and direction to introduce these machines world wide!

    Thank you once again! George Neufeld gn@tdfin.com

  • I can personally tell you that since I have been using atmospheric water generators to produce my own water at home without the connection to the water grid I feel a lot healthier. Knowing that there are no pharmaceuticals, chemicals, industrial wastes or other ground water contaminates like lead or arsenic in my water is most reassuring. On the Healthy New Age website I read that farmers no longer give tap water to their chickens as it seems too many were dying of cancer due to the chlorine in the tap water. Recent studies show a link to chlorine and breast cancer. Its scary stuff! When I think of my AWG I know I am making Organic Water, homemade and pure. Almost a million Americans a year and get sick from water born disease and approximately 1000 will not survive.
    Water Bird In the third world countries the numbers are much more staggering, where a child dies approximately every 8 seconds due to water borne illness. In India alone 1000 children under the age of 5 dies every day from bad water. The world health organization estimates 80% of all illnesses are caused by contaminated drinking water. Bottled water is now considered to be almost as scary as tap water, as it also comes from ground water sources and research has said over 30% of bottled water comes right out of the tap. The difference being that they charge 1000% more for bottled water.

    Bottled water is now considered to be almost as scary as tap water as it also comes from ground water sources, and research has said over 30% of bottled water comes right out of the tap. The only difference is they charge 1000% more for bottled water.

    If you took a plastic water bottle and filled it 1/4 full of oil, that would represent the energy it takes to manufacture transport and recycle that bottle and we now know that plastic bottles are also hazardous to our health. Talk about increased Global Warming and Carbon Footprint.. It seems that drinking more water in bottled form is just plain bad for the environment. Another black mark against bottled water is, of the billions sold just in the USA alone, only about 25% of these bottles are recycled which leaves billions of bottles ending up in our landfills every year.

    Looking at the big picture, I would certainly suggest that one invest in an Atmospheric Water Generator, do the research and buy one. You will use this great water for drinking, cooking, water for the pets and your plants. Drinking AWG water will change your family's life, the applications for use of this pure fresh oxygenated water are endless. An AWG will give life to your drinking water which will help to eliminate the toxins in your body and if drinking 5 glasses a day will aid in digestion and weight loss. Pure live AWG water will bring out the best taste in your coffee, tea, juice, ice cubes, drink mixes and all your other favored drinks. It is amazing to see the difference in the color of my ice cubes, as the tap water cubes were hazy and brownish while the cubes from my AWG were perfectly clear. When you use pure oxygenated water in your recipes, your soups, rice and all the foods you would normally cook with water you begin to realize the food you are now consuming has no chlorine, foreign flavors or foreign anything in them. I guaranty when you start to cook with pure live water from an air to-water machine, you'll never go back to using tap water again. Use this pure AWG water for your baby's formula, a healthy alternative when starting their young lives. Children are much more sensitive to contaminants, heavy metals and water borne parasites than adults. Giving atmospheric water to your pets can help them avoid health problems linked to Non pure water sources.

    The key to a healthy life is to understand the importance of good clean fresh live water in our daily lives as it is just one less thing to worry about. Purchasing an AWG is an investment in your health and overall well being. The water truly is remarkable, I take it with me everywhere I go, so not to have to drink any other water.

    Robb Perkinson, Vancouver, BC. VP Everest Water Ltd


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