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Everest Water Ltd. patents teach the EnviroGuard method of keeping AWG water completely & continually 100% bacteria free.

Other companies have filed AWG patents, however how valuable are these patents if the water their particular machines produce result in the heterotrophic bacterial contamination forming in their units. Everest Water is proud to announce, it has been able to overcome the bacterial issues.

Everest is unaware of any other company that has been able to overcome their heterotrophic bacteria problems and engineering flaws. If you were to take an Everest AWG machine and purposely contaminate it with heterotrophic bacteria, our machines will still purify the water.

Pure Water

With an Everest AWG you can feel completely safe.

US Patent Number 7,272,947
Abstract: A water producing system adapted to condense water from the air and collected in a storage tank were the water is purified and bacteria is killed. One form of killing the bacteria is to utilize an ozone injection system and filter system to remove the ozone prior to the water being dispensed. In one form, a dual fluid circuit is utilized in which an operating fluid dumps heat to a second circuit such as a refrigeration cycle, the cooled operating fluid lowers the temperature of a water condensation member.

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