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Benefits of Drinking Pure AWG Water

Drinking water is essential for all body functions and life itself. Considering that our bodies are approximately 80% liquid and our brains are 90% water, understanding water's important role in the body can be a fountain of health. Water is the essential element in life needed to maintain good health and well-being. Water is needed to digest food and eliminate toxins and waste from our bodies. Water also protects our cell tissue, regulating body temperature Water Useand transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Water allows our bodies to heal and helps prevent disease and obesity. Water is the most important nutrient in our bodies. Of course, the quality of the water we drink directly impacts our body's life-supporting functions. Researchers all agree that pure water is the essential, ultimate drink for life and health.

The world's water is constantly moving in what is called the water cycle or hydraulic cycle. This means that water continually changes between the oceans, the atmosphere, rivers and lakes and below the ground: however the volume of water remains constant. In other words there is never going to be additional water made available to our planet. The problem we are facing is the negative impact humans have had on the available drinkable water.

Only 1% of the earth's water is available as drinking water for human and animal consumption and that 1% is being contaminated by the industrial civilization in which we live. Pollutants such as physical & biological waste, chemicals, pesticides from agriculture and pharmaceuticals are contaminating our water beyond our ability to clean it. Consequently we are now at a point where pure drinkable water is becoming more and more difficult to access.

The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of all known illness is caused by contaminated drinking water. According to United Nations the global consumption of water is doubling every 20 years as the population increases. By the year 2025 the expected demand for water will exceed 50% of the amount currently being used today. At that time almost two-thirds of the world's population will lack access to fresh drinking water.

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The uncertainty and concerns of drinking tap water has fueled a worldwide growth explosion in the sale of bottled water. However, more recently bottled water has fallen out of favor and sales are being banned in many locations; such as government offices, universities and many municipalities. This is a direct result of increased groundwater contaminants being found in bottled water along with massive problems caused by the billions of plastic water container bottles clogging our landfills yearly. The Mayor of San Francisco has banned bottled water sales, explaining it takes 47 million gallons of oil to produce these plastic bottles used and disposed of annually in the U.S.A

The bottled water industry is an unregulated $100 billion a year industry that is presently facing charges from consumer groups, raising concerns and warnings over the host of microorganisms and chemicals found in bottled water. An estimated 30% to 40% of all bottled water is just regular tap water that may or may not be filtered. Bottled water is expensive, up to $5.00 per gallon plus the inconvenience of having to constantly lug heavy cases or large bottles around and at the same time, paying a ridiculous price for that inconvenience. See: WaterQuality

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What is an atmospheric water generator - AWG

AWG Technology is the solution to alleviate the world's water crisis. This breakthrough technology is now available to everyone on the planet today.

AWG machines produce pure drinking water from the atmosphere surrounding the earth. Humidity from the air we breathe is captured by the AWG unit, then converted into pure healthy drinking water. The Comparison to drinking tap or bottled water, which is referred to as dead water (containing very little oxygen), where as the AWG water is referred to as "Live" water, as it is 100% oxygenated water.

AWGs are not connected to any ground water source but are stand alone machines producing water wherever they are plugged in. Make pure organic water (no added chemicals and no ground water contaminates) for your family. Or imagine an AWG onsite making fresh water for a village in India.

AWG units are free standing machines and not connected in any way to a ground water source. These units produce water wherever they are powered be it; electricity, generator or solar power. The end result is the making of pure fresh organic drinkable water (no added chemicals or ground water contaminates). The applications for AWG technology are vast with applications such as an AWG onsite making fresh water for a village in Africa or India. Wherever fresh water is needed, an AWG machineWater Use can be set-up to start producing water immediately.

Other applications for the AWG units are the home, cottage, office, boats and recreational vehicles. AWG units are movable and easily set up to any location where water is needed. Larger AWG machines are used for industrial applications for agriculture and livestock consuming almost 90% of all fresh the water used today. The world population is increasing and more food and water will be needed and as we are now experiencing the demand is increasing while the availability of fresh water is diminishing. This problem has caused water to be the number one commodity of the 21st century, possibly surpassing oil.

The flexibility of the AWG application can best be seen in disaster and humanitarian relief, where the relief teams and agencies biggest challenge is the availability of safe water for drinking and medical use. AWG units provide water at source and can be easily trucked or air lifted into any location, quickly providing water to any emergency situation.

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Benefits of Drinking 100% Pure Water from An Everest AWG:

  • Energy: assisting in optimum body performance
  • The best water on the planet, 100% oxygenated water,
  • Reduces headaches and dizziness
  • Digestion: helps to convert food into energy
  • Facilitates the elimination of body waste
  • Safety - Everest AWG drinking water contains no harmful chemicals to threaten human health
  • No bacterial contaminates: The AWG eliminates all natural occurring contaminates and pathogens such as; bacteria, viruses, parasites, giardia, e-coli and other dangerous waterborne pathogens which kill over 3.5 million people yearly. See: WaterFacts
  • No chemical contaminates - Pesticides, pharmaceutical drug residue, industrial or human waste
  • Great taste - as the water is so pure. There is only the clean, refreshing taste of water. Imagine looking forward to a Go Green Dog tall, cool glass of water as a special treat. The refreshing flavor enhances beverages, making a great tasting robust coffee or tea. Frozen juices taste as if they were just freshly squeezed. Bolder tasting food, soups and sauces and high purity water for baby formula. When frozen, you get sparkling crystal clear ice cubes
  • Pets - Pets instinctively know the difference, after drinking live water, when offered a choice they will always drink water made from an Everest AWG
  • Dieting - Want to lose weight effortlessly? Before you take a bite of food, drink a pint of water. It will act as an appetite suppressant
  • Muscle soreness - Eight ounces of water per 15 minutes of exercise is key to preventing after-exercise soreness
  • Dry skin - As many doctors will tell you, the cure for dry skin may be as simple as drinking 8 glasses of water everyday

The U.S. Geological Survey estimates the earth to have 3100 cubic miles or 3.8 quadrillion gallons of water in the atmosphere, mostly as water vapor. An interesting fact is that water vapor is considered a greenhouse gas and therefore increases Global Warming. AWG Machines are simply dehumidifiers that take water vapor from the air converting the vapor into pure clean drinking water. By this process AWG Machines actually help to reduce global warming and greenhouse gases.

The difference between a dehumidifier and an atmospheric water generator is; the former pulls water vapor out of the air, condensing it to water in order to dry the air in your home. AWG units function exactly the same way, the exception being, after condensing the moisture into water the AWG then purifies it for human consumption.

Everest has been in the AWG industry for over 12 years and has recently designed, developed and refined a new 2nd generation AWG with a patented bacterial elimination system called EnviroGuardTM. This system uses ozone to clean the water keeping it pure, fresh and great tasting. The inherent problems of 1st generation machines have now been eliminated. With the new 2nd generation Everest AWG units the water is 100% pure and bacteria free at all times..

This revolutionary technology will help to meet the growing demand for cost effective and good tasting quality drinking water. Atmospheric water generation is a Green Technology and a reliable alternate water source for anyone wishing to maintain control over their own pure water supply. With an Everest AWG machine in your home you can make your own fresh Organic Water for just pennies a day.

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Everest 2nd Generation AWG Machines With Patented "EnviroGuardTM" Bacterial Elimination System

  1. Everest machines purify the air in your home, removing dust and contaminates
  2. Dehumidify your home, helping to eliminate dry-rot, mold and mildew growth
  3. Everest Water is "Live" water. 100% oxygenated.. The healthiest water on the planet
  4. New AWG models produce 3 times more water than previous 1st generation units
  5. The new Everest Yeti models optimize water production using less power
  6. Optional air-conditioning on many AWG models. Enjoy air- conditioning while making water, a first in the industry
  7. Simple design - Everest models have 50% less parts and water connections.
  8. Results: Easier to manufacture, easy to maintain and built for longevity
  9. Product recognition and consumer awareness: Everest will use the Mount Everest Yeti mountain snowman

An Everest AWG .. 4 appliances in 1:

  • Clean and filter the air ~ Similar to any air filtration system made for your home
  • Dehumidify your home ~ No dry-rot, mold or mildew. An Everest AWG works as a dehumidifier
  • Air-condition ~ Like any portable air-conditioner the Yeti-AC10 will deliver up to 1 ton of Air-Conditioning
  • Production of 100% pure oxygenated water, the best tasting, healthiest water on the planet.

Everest Water - Making Water for the World

Everest Atmosphere Water Generators provide an efficient, reliable, sustainable and environmentally friendly way to produce secure clean water made from the air we breathe. Your atmospheric water generator is your water source; the water is replenished daily so it is always there when needed. Drinking water is made at source, in your home. How much safer is that? AWG units help to preserve the existing fresh water sources which are rapidly declining around the world today. These AWG units can be used wherever water resources do not exist. AWG machines have the additional benefit of cleaning, purifying and dehumidifying the air we breathe.

Pure fresh water is essential for life, however we live in a world where it is quickly diminishing and the alternatives such as bottled water cannot be trusted. We now live in a world where tap water is making news headlines daily, exposing severe problems of pollution, physical wastes, biological and pharmaceutical contaminants being found in the ground water. Water related diseases are killing an estimated three million people per year of which approximately half that number are children under the age of five. Even in the western nations such as the USA, approximately one million people become ill every year due to drinking contaminated water and approximately 1000 die yearly.

Atmospheric water generators are the wave of the future and the future is here now.. The company is Everest Water Ltd. Applications for AWG technology are truly infinite. Everest 2nd generation AWGs offer the technological breakthrough that will provide relief to the water crisis of the 21st century.

Water for the World

Contact: Yeti@EverestWater.com for further information.

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