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Water a multi-billion dollar business with endless opportunities. AWG technology the wave of the future and the future is now.

To be the best team, we need the best people!

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Everest Water Ltd is looking for people with the right attitude. Individuals who are focused to sell, service and support the Everest products and customers. Just like Mount Everest we are searching for distributors that have the vision to be recognized as Number 1 in this industry.

Business Skills
Team members must have the sales, marketing and business skills necessary to develop a successful territory.

Capital Resources
Distributors must have adequate capital resources to develop and implement a quality business plan in order to facilitate territory development. An Everest Water distributorship offers this business-person an excellent opportunity to create a world class business.

An Investment in your Future
We are seeking entrepreneurial business professionals who are interested in becoming Everest Distributors. If you share our philosophy of "Water for the World" then we are here to offer you this opportunity. With a commitment to high standards of quality and service, we will provide the best water to the world.

Everest Water Distributor Benefits:

Everest Water superior purification system
Everest has been in the AWG business for the last12 years, during this time we have designed, built and brought to market the 1st generation UV light AWG machines. From 2006 to the present Everest has focused on development, advancement and refinement of 2nd generation AWG units, which use an ozone process to eliminate bacteria and purify water. Everest has patented this process EnviroGuard. All major concerns and problems with the 1st generation technology have been addressed and field-tested over three years. Everest has the most technologically advanced AWG system on the planet. Our AWG machines make three times more water, purify the water 100% plus having the ability to keep the AWG water pure at all times.

The Everest advantage for superior 2nd generation technology provides an opportunity for you as a company distributor to grow your business faster without the problems inherent with the 1st generation machines.

Marketing Support
Everest Water provides high quality sales materials including brochures, power points, video presentations, advertising, public relations and brand recognition. The mythical Everest snowman, the Yeti, is our chosen expert on pure, fresh water. Following the corporate example of colorful characters for branding, Everest Water will use the Yeti, to create product recognition and brand awareness. The symbolic relationship that exists between the Yeti and Mount Everest provides the opportunity to create a fun, exciting and memorable product brand. Our 2nd generation products have been designated with the Yeti name.

Sales Support
Everest Sales support team will provide product knowledge and information that will elevate your sales staff to a high standard of product awareness and functionality. This learning process will allow your staff to become successful leaders in the AWG industry. Your sales representatives will be expected to carry the message of quality, value and superiority of the Everest Water AWG units.

Technical Support
Everest Water provides service training materials and online training for service technicians. Our technical assistance hotline and in-house team of engineers, having been with us for over ten years, are there to ensure "The Highest Standards" for your Distributorship.

To be an Everest Water Distributor, you must be committed to service and maintain all AWG machines sold into your territory. Everest offers knowledgeable service staff dedicated to helping you maintain satisfied customers.

The Time is Now
Now is the time to capitalize on the wave of the future. Become a part of this booming water market. Find out how you can be a part of Everest Water Ltd and share in this $100 billion dollar a year industry.

Water For The World

Interested in becoming a distributor ..
email: rae@EverestWater.com

Contact: Yeti@EverestWater.com for further information.

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