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This website is mainly for distributors but it is open to everyone who desires more information about Pure Water Generators.

In 2007 we were issued a U.S. patent for their Atmospheric Water Generators. They completed all necessary foreign patent filings and finished the first proto type of the 2nd generation AWG. This patented technology condenses water vapor from the atmosphere, then filters and cleans it using the EnviroGuardTM Technology System. This 2nd generation technology has been successfully field-tested over the last three years. Extensive testing and refinement has allowed Everest water to address all engineering problems that were inherent in 1st generation machines.

If you are going to build something - build it right and to the best of your abilities. We believe in this conviction, so do our distributors and customers.

Water Wave

Water is one of the most essential elements needed to maintain good health and overall well being, in fact our bodies are approximately 80% water. In general, public health officials, doctors, and personal trainers emphasize the importance of drinking at least eight glasses of clean water each and every day to help regulate digestion, body temperature restore body fluids, and to remove impurities. Clearly water is one of the most essential elements for good health.


Contact: Rae@EverestWater.com for further information.

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